PublicationsList.org was established in 2007 by the founders of Textensor Limited, Robert Cannon and Fred Howell, to address the problem of maintaining a professional academic publications list online.

People increasingly expect to be able to read research papers simply by clicking on a link on the author's home page, but keeping such lists up to date by hand is error-prone and time consuming.

PublicationsList.org was set up to streamline this process with an easy to use web front end which any researcher can use to maintain their own, professional looking list of publications, which can be hosted on publicationslist.org, or embedded within a departmental web page. Links to full text preprints, or versions in open access repositories and journal websites can be included.

After starting with a focus on the needs of the individual researcher to present a comprehensive record of their publications, publicationslist.org now offers solutions for research groups and universities to archive and disseminate their research output. The emphasis on ease of use and intuitive user interaction that appeals so much to individuals provides an effective means for organizations to gather and manage research content without having to worry about user interface design themselves.

We are very interested in hearing feedback on the site or suggestions for features we could add to make it more useful, so please get in touch with ideas.


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