Publications management
for research groups and departments


Key features

  • Group publications page, automatically kept up to date with all publications from members' lists.
  • Search publications over titles, authors, abstract and full text.
  • A group members page with links to individual publications lists.
  • Filtered views by keyword allowing you to display publications by research theme or grant number for example.
  • Simple embedding in your own website. No installation or updates are required: just insert the fragment of html provided in the desired places on your site [details].



When you sign up as the administrator of a group account you receive an eight-letter authorization code to be given to members of the group.

Individual group members then register as normal and upload or enter information about their publications using all the normal features.

When they are ready to publish their list, group members should enter the group authorization code to have their publications added to the group.

1 month Free Trial
Less than $10 per
member per year. offers a convenient and cost-effective way for research groups and departments to gather and present research publications via their websites.

Individual researchers can maintain their own lists or a group administrator can enter publication details. A collective, searchable view is provided on and the content can easily be embedded in the group's own website.

This provides an effective way to keep your research group's publications list on the web and up to date, without the burden of maintaining your own publications database.

Sample group listing on   Sample listing embedded in a group's own website

By tagging publications with pre-agreed terms such as "top 5", or the grant number, subsets of publications can be easily extracted for display or reporting purposes.

With up to 500MB per person for PDF files, a group account on can easily serve as a full text repository and research paper archive. Optional email reminders and easy import from a range of formats all serve to help maintain a complete professional web presence at minimal costs in staff time and maintenance.

Research directors benefit as it improves access to the group's research output and improves their web presence.

Website managers benefit as it enables authors to maintain their own publications lists and the web view always displays the latest content without any further intervention.

Set up a group account now. Group accounts come with a 1 month free trial period for up to 5 members so that you can evaluate the system.