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Textensor Limited, providers of are committed to ensuring the privacy of our customers.

By using our site, you consent to the terms of this policy.

Collection and use of personal information

When you register on this site we collect your name and email address. We also record if and when you purchase a subscription and what payment method you use.

All the other information you enter such as your publications and contact details are provided for the purpose of creating a publicly accessible web page. When you publish your list this information is made publicly availabe on our website. If you enter your details but do not publish your list, the information remains on our server, but we do not use it or share it with third parties. If you delete your list, all the information is removed from your account and no other records are kept. We do not use the information in your published list for any purpose other than creating the public web page and javascript version of the data which can be used to embed your list in a remote page.

When you visit our site certain information is automatically collected such as your operating system, browser capabilities, IP number and referring site. This information is tracked with "cookies" that enable us to keep you logged into the site as you move from page to page.

Ownership of data

All the information you enter remains your property. We publish this information for you on this site, and provide versions that can be incorporated in an independent site but we do not claim any rights to rent or sell this information to third parties.


When you purchase a personal or group subscription on this site, the payment is handled independently by PayPal UK who collect credit or debit card details, or PayPal payment details, and inform us whether the payment succeeded. We do not collect or store card details ourselves, and have no access to details collected by PayPal.

Comments or Concerns

If you have any comments or concerns about this privacy policy, please contact us via email at