Is your publications list:

  • On the web?
  • Up to date?
  • Readily accessible?
  • Linked to downloadable papers?
  • Easy to maintain?

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services and institutional sites. exists to let researchers and research organizations maintain a reliable web-based record of their academic output without any fuss.

Offering solutions for Individuals, Research Groups, and Universities

"Excellent idea, an important tool especially for new scientists and researchers. Congratulations!"

"I think this is a superb tool - really really good!"

"I think it is brilliant. A great way of keeping correspondents up to date is to add the URL to my email signature."

"I just love the functionality and easy interface of! It is amazing how simple it is to edit and get references published in no time at all!"

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Over 90% of Journals now support some form of self-archiving [1]

" all four disciplines and all 28 subfields analyzed, the open access articles have a citation advantage ranging from 25% - 250%" [2]

Many funding bodies now require or request self-archiving [3]


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