Site licenses for self-archiving, repository submission and publications management

Site license features

  • All features of the Professional version for each member of staff in conjunction with a searchable catalog of all hosted content from the institution.
  • Authentication by access code or email domain. For example, a subscription for "" authorizes anyone with an email address in that domain to use the service without further action.
  • A log of all changes and additions for monitoring and synchronization from an institutional repository or other service.
  • Designated content recipients for pushing data into other systems.
  • Administrator accounts for authorized staff to control all content associated with the subscription.


A PublicationsList site license is ready to use immediately. No local installation, integration or configuration is required before startup.

You can start collecting material immediately and harvest it to a local repository when convenient.

The licensee has access to administration pages where they can monitor submissions, configure destinations for pushing content and track usage statistics.

As soon as the license is operational, local webmasters can modify individual, departmental, and university web pages at their convenience to display dynamic publications information.

The PublicationsList university service is designed to complement and enhance existing systems rather than replace them. It enables researchers to comply with self-archiving mandates, improves access to research output, and helps populate institutional repositories.

It offers numerous benefits both to the university and its staff:

Please contact us for a detailed quotaton or to discuss your requirements.

For organizations with an institutional repository, PublicationsList gathers content from users and then either sends it directly to the repository or enables the repository to harvest it on a regular basis using standard protocols. See the DSpace automated harvesting workflow for an overview of using PublicationsList as a front end for populating a university repository running on DSpace. Modules are available for EPrints and DSpace and all new site licenses include up to 5 days consultancy to ensure smooth integration with existing systems.

Organizations without a repository can start using PublicationsList immediately to host their research output. Content can be harvested into other systems once those systems are ready.

By letting staff use PublicationsList to manage their research output, local repositories can focus on archiving and dissemination rather than user interface provision. Staff benefit from a polished and widely used system as their point of contact and institutions benefit from the resulting increased uptake.



Site licenses are priced according to the number of academic research staff. Graduate students in universities with subscriptions can use the service at no extra charge. All subscriptions include same-day email support. New subscriptions also come with up to 5 days free consultancy to ensure smooth integration with existing systems.

No of researchersAnnual cost per researcher
100 - 500$5.00
501 - 1000$4.50
1001 - 2000$4.00
2001 - 3000$3.50
more than 3000$3.00

In the United Kingdom, subscriptions can also be charged according to the JISC banding scheme. Please contact us for further details or if you would prefer to install the PublicationsList software on your own university servers.