Group accounts for research groups and departments

A group account provides the Publications List Professional for group members in conjunction with a range of group-specific features including:

  • A combined, searchable, publications page, automatically kept up to date with all publications lists of members. sample list
  • A group member index page with links to all group members' individual lists.
  • Filtering by keyword allowing you to list publications by research theme, grant number, or to highlight the most significant group publications.
  • Embeding in independent web sites. This keeps the ease of use of the site for letting group members manage their own lists, but displays the content within your own website.

All new group accounts come with a 1 month free trial for up to 5 group members.

Group rates are available for groups of 5 or more people, with additional discounts for larger groups (the full individual subscription is ~$20 per person per year).

On registering, a security code for the group will be provided to the group administrator, which should be emailed to the group members. Members of the group create their own personal accounts on as normal, and can enter the group code on their account page to take advantage of the group features.

Find out more or register a new group account now by entering your details on the form on the right.

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